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Welcome to TANM.  

Soon to be the New Mexico Hospitality Association!

With over 60 years of combined experience leading public policy and workforce development strategies, New Mexico Lodging Association (NMLA) and Tourism Association of New Mexico (TANM) recently merged. The newly formed organization, New Mexico Hospitality Association, now represents an industry that generated over 87,900 jobs and is responsible for bringing 32.2 million visitors to the state in 2013*.

New Mexico Hospitality Association unites all segments of the hospitality industry and represents its interest ensuring New Mexico communities and businesses thrive.

* Statistics provided by the New Mexico Tourism Department




Invest in New Mexico's Economy.  

Support the Hospitality Industry!

The New Mexico Hospitality Association delivers decades of combined experience to lead public policy and workforce development strategy for a more prosperous economy. Tourism & hospitality is the state’s premier industry and contributed $1.3 billion in state taxes in 2012, brought in 32.2 million visitors in 2013, and generated over 88,600 jobs. The association represents member interests at the state and national level, cultivates professional development, and targets opportunity to incubate and foster long-term job and wealth creation statewide.

To celebrate, we are offering our All Inclusive Membership package as well as our standard membership.  Click here to find out about the broad benefits and how you can become one too!




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April 27 - 30, 2015
Santa Fe, NM


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Shamrock Foods Company

Featured Member:

Shamrock Foods Company

Shamrock Foods Company specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of quality foods and food-related products. visit website

Featured Member:

Enchanted Circle Marketing Co-op

The Enchanted Circle Marketing Co-op is made up of the Towns, Villages, and Chambers of Commerce around northern New Mexico's Enchanted Circle Scenic Byway. Our mission is to promote our communities, the region, and the byway as an extended stay oppo visit website